9/15/2015 We are currently at our capacity of 60 members.  However, we are accepting new member applications, and if you are interested in joining, please submit your application to get on the waiting list.

LOOK HERE FIRST ---> New Member information.

Prospective members can download the New Membership application.

NSAC Constitution

Membership Rules of conduct.

Dues are $70/month (as of June 2015) and cover fixed expenses, including insurance.  All club members are named insured!

An initiation fee of $475 applies, and a $500 refundable deposit is required of all members.

Prop charges are calculated from tach time, not hobbs time, a major advantage over typical FBO charges, making an hour of logged time up to 30% cheaper!

Questions?  Reach out to our Membership Director Andrew Noble (a.noble {at} gatso.com , (978) 394- ZeroSixFiveTwo ) or Aviv Hod (aviv {at} avivhod.com) or 339-368-ZeroFiveThreeTwo (mobile)