1981 Cessna 182-R

230 HP Continental 6 cylinder O-470U (2000TBO)

DUAL Garmin 530Ws (WAAS capable IFR certified GPS) (manual)
S-Tec 55X GPSS autopilot with altitude hold (manual)

Wet rate: $150 per tach hour (current as of 6/8/2015)

We require a minimum of 5 hours of time in type, a high performance endorsement, and a check out with our flight instructor to gain flying privileges.

High performance transition resource guide.


2000 Cessna 172-R

Garmin 430W (WAAS capable IFR certified GPS)

Wet rate: $115/ tach hour (as of 6/8/2015)


1975 Piper Warrior

Wet rate: $110 per tach hour (updated 6/8/2015)



Weight and Balance Calculation Sheets:

Cessna 182-R Weight and Balance

Cessna 172-R Weight and Balance

Piper Warrior Weight and Balance

Always check against actual paperwork in the plane!


Avionics Guides:

Garmin GNS 430W WAAS Nav/Com User Guide

KX155A NAV/COM User Guide

KLN89B IFR GPS User Guide


Folding Bicycles:

We have two brand new Schwinn folding bicycles and a couple of old, but serviceable bikes available in the shed for members to use.  Click on the bike to go to a Youtube video demonstration on how to set it up and fold it up.